Whyte: This Is Not Just The Tyson Fury Show

Dillian Whyte didn’t want to be a part of the promotion for his challenge of lineal/WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

All that was needed was for the long-reigning top heavyweight contender to appear on the other side of the marquee.

“This is business,” Whyte stated in explaining his chosen media blackout prior to a Zoom conference call. “This is not the Tyson Fury show. Everyone is saying, Tyson Fury this, Tyson Fury that. He didn’t sell out any of the fights with Deontay Wilder. That’s a fact. The fights were never sold out. This is not the Tyson Fury show. This fight sold out because of me and Tyson Fury.

“Tyson Fury fought Deontay Wilder, this big superstar and none of those fights sold out. It’s not just the Tyson Fury show. It’s the Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte show. We’re both in the show together. Things need to be done correctly.”

“You know in this boxing game, signing a paper doesn’t make it the end of the deal,” pointed out Whyte. “In this boxing game, you make an agreement, you sign something to get the ball rolling. But there are still underlying issues to get secured and sort out.”

“So, while they’re messing around and trying to play games, you can control only what you can control. I can control my actions. Not what Fury does, not what Frank Warren or BT Sport does. That’s the simple fact of the matter. This boxing game, people only hear one side of the story. Tyson Fury likes to stand up and shout but they’re not telling the whole story. It’s very hard to clap with one hand. You need two hands to clap.”

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