WKF enforces two changes to the Karate 1-Youth League and Karate 1-Series A events

The World Karate Federation is announcing the implementation of two far-reaching initiatives to be applied to the events of Karate 1-Youth League and Karate 1-Series A next year.

After its approval by the WKF Executive Committee, the two new amendments will affect the categories and number of participants of the Karate 1-Series A and Karate 1-Youth League of the 2023 season.

Starting on January 2023, the Karate 1-Youth League events will now include Under 21 categories. In order to increase the opportunities to participate in major events for competitors under the age of 21, athletes in these divisions will now be able to compete at the Karate 1-Youth League.

The addition of U21 categories implies the extension of the competition of Karate 1-Youth League events from three to four days.

Moreover, the number of competitors participating in Kata categories in both Karate 1-Series A and Karate 1-Youth League events are now increased from 96 to 128.

With this update, kata competitors will have more opportunities to join these massive events.

The first event of the new season is the Karate 1-Series A to be held in Athens (Greece) from January 13 to 15.

Source: www.wkf.net

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