Woodley on KO bonus: I’m taking that free money

Tyron Woodley thinks he will collect the $500,000 bonus for scoring a knockout in the fight with Jake Paul.

“At the end of the day, you put a bag on your head—I’m completely all about taking that free money,” Woodley told reporters during a Zoom media conference call of the knockout bonus in play for the December 18 bout.

“I had plans of doing that anyway. If you want to entice me a little more, offer a kid from Ferguson half a bag to do what he was gonna do anyway.”

“So yeah, it adds to the motivation.”

Woodley made his way to a boxing ring earlier this summer, after a successful UFC career where he served as a long-reigning welterweight champion. His pro boxing debut wasn’t as successful, coming up just short in a split decision defeat to Paul (4-0, 3KOs) this past August 29 at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland.

Woodley was already on board the moment he received the phone call with the fight offer. The opportunity to collect even more money one week prior to the Christmas holiday made it a no-brainer.

“You don’t put a bounty on your own fuckin’ head,” noted Woodley. “Of course, I’m gonna take it. I’m motivated by legacy. I’m motivated by greatness. I’m motivated by redemption. So for people to say, “It’s not about the money for me,” they’re fuckin’ lying. Why would you be prizefighting if you didn’t want the prize?

“Sometimes it’s about the principle. If you feel like you’re at a certain level you feel like you’re at a certain point in your career, you want the bag to match where you feel like you’re at. Definitely, it’s additional motivation. You’re going to see me walk away with another $500,000.”

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