YOKKAO Next Generation Returns to Sydney on 23rd April

After much anticipation, YOKKAO Next Generation is set to make its way to Sydney Australia on Saturday, 23rd April 2022. The coming show will be organized in partnership with SRG promotions and marks our fifth event in the land down under.

The first YOKKAO Next Generation in Australia was staged in 2016 and has since grown to become a major competitive platform for the country’s Muay Thai fighters. Since then, we have promoted 5 shows including 2019’s YOKKAO 39-40 in Sydney. The sold-out show featured many of the country’s best along with well-known Muay Thai world champions like Singdam and Superbank.

The coming YOKKAO Next Generation Sydney will be headlined by Yodthongchai Soot Raeng Geert vs Tu Warren. Yodthongchai is an experienced Thai fighter who is currently based in Sydney. He has over 300 fights to his name and has competed for many years at the elite level in Thailand. Yodthongchai will put his clinch-and-knee fighting style to work against American veteran Tu Warren. Warren fought for many years on the Thai circuit and has faced many formidable opponents including the legendary Somrak Khamsing. This is a main event that

Australia’s Thai boxing scene has grown to become a major spot in producing some of the best Muay Thai athletes in the world. YOKKAO Next Generation Sydney will once again provide the platform for up-and-coming Australian Muay Thai fighters to put their skills to the test in their quest to the top.

Source and image: eu.yokkao.com

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