Yosif Panov is going for top 100 in world boxing with a gala in Pleven

Image: LAP

One of the best professional Bulgarian boxers in welterweight Yosif Panov is planning a debut in top 100 in the world after his next match that will take place in his hometown of Pleven, Bulgaria. At least that’s what his manager Vasko Alekseev said for Pleven.Utre.bg.

We are planning something special for Yosif on September 16th – a fight on his turf in Pleven against a high quality opponent. It will be a huge event not only for Panov but for his town and the boxing fans“, his agent said.

But for now it is not clear who his opponent is going to be. Most probably there are negotiations with a few potential fighters and  in order for his plan working and climb up in the ranking he must face someone above him in the charts. The Viper is ranked #196 from 2 123 fighters in his division by BoxRec. The dynamics bellow #50 are always high and a leap forward is not impossible. Yosif needs just one or two fights for such a progress.

The Bulgarian now has 24 wins and only 3 losses. All of the defeats date way back from 2015 and after his knockout from Markus Morison he is in a 22 fight winning streak 11 of which came by way of knockout.

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