Pitbulls Matside won Eastern european grappling tournament

„Pitbulls Matside“ is the team champion in first Eastern european grappling tournament by EEBJJF (Eastern European Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation).

The competition held in Sofia. Special guest was the President of Federation – Júnior Assunção and “Brave Combat” owner Cătălin Vlad, who is President of referee committee.

„Tiger Sport“ took 2nd place and “Rio grappling” – 3rd.

There were more than 200 fighters from 4 countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic) in the “Locomotiv” Hall.

Bulgarian grappling elite – Kristian Popov, Veselin Dukov, Vladislav Kunchev, Teodor Nikolov, Martin Stoichkov were part of the show.

European bjj champion – Teodor Nikolov won the title in 66 kg.

Martin Stoichkov took unexpected victory over Vesein Dukov (72 kg).

Kalin Rangelov claimed 78 kg title. Popular bulgarian MMA fighter – Vladislav Kunchev had no problems in the competition – 84 kg.

In the final absolute category fight Kristian Popov and Veselin Dukov met each other again. Popov won by submission (9 min).

Júnior Assunção gave exclusive interview for “Boec.BG” TV show. Watch it on Sunday – 19:00, Bulgaria ON AIR.

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