Anton Petrov’s bout has been postponed

One of the most anticipated matches of Senshi’s fight card this upcoming weekend was postponed earlier today.

This Saturday, in Varna, the first ever Senshi gala evening is about to take place in the ‘Palace of sports and culture’.

Unfortunately, the Bulgarian fighting fans won’t be able to see in action one of the most brilliant muay thai fighters -Anton Petrov. He was supposed to face Atanasius Kukufikis from Greece in a muay thai fight, but Petrov suffered a gruesome injury on his hand.

За съжаление се контузих в посления ден от тренировъчния лагер и боят ми отпада. Следва възстановяване и връщане на ринга. Нямам търпение 👊🏼

Публикувахте от Антон Петров / Anton Petrov в Понеделник, 18 февруари 2019 г.

Petrov, muay thai professional world WMC champion, shared an x-ray photo of the injury on his social media accounts, so everybody could see for themselves how serious the situation really is.

Boec.COM wishes him a speedy recovery and we are hoping that soon he’ll be back in action on the Senshi’s ring!

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