2020 IBJJF European Championships Day 1: Four medals for Bulgaria

The 2020 IBJJF European Championships are underway, as yesterday the competition has begun in Lisbon, Portugal.

It was a great day for Bulgaria participants, who claimed 4 medals. Even though there is not a golden one yet, there is still plenty of time.

Daniel Ilieva reached the final in the female heavyweight category (blue belts), as she lost to the Lithuanian Gina Breiteryte .

Stanislav Radkov claimed silver in the over 30-years  heavyweight (white belts) division, while Hristo Andreev captured bronze in the over 30-years -82 kg (white belt) division.

Aleksander Stoimenov won the final medal. The Bulgarian won a silver medal in the over 30-years lightweight (white belt) division.

The event’s final day is on January 26, as you can see all the results HERE.

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