2020 World Armwrestling Federation calendar

Since 2020 is already here, you should check out the World Armwrestling Federation’s official events calendar for the next 12 months.

March 6-7, Italy

Supermatch Italy (Organizer: Italian AF)

April, Philippines

Asian Armwrestling Championship; Asian Para-Armwrestling Championship (Organizer: AAF, Philippines AF)

May 16-24, Hungary

European Armwrestling Championship; European Para-Armwrestling Championship; European Deaf-Armwrestling Championship (Organizer: EAF, HAF)

June 12-14, Costa Rica

Pan-America Armwrestling and Para-Armwrestling Championship (Organizer: NAAF, Philippines AF)

July 1-5, South Africa

African Armwrestling and Para-Armwrestling Championship (Organizer: AFA, South African AF)

July 10-11, Croatia

World Cup ZG Strong (Organizer: Croatian AF)

August 20-27, Russia

SNG Games (Organizer: Russian AF)

September 19-27, Georgia

World Armwrestling, Para-Armwrestling, and Deaf-Armwrestling Championship (Organizer: WAF, Georgian AF)

October 17, Hungary

Judgement Day (Organizer: Hungarian AF)

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