2021 will be action-packed year for taekwondo

Taekwondo is set to be an unforgettable year in 2021 with the return of international taekwondo competitions.

The action-packed calendar has been developed with athlete and participant safety as the number one priority. World Taekwondo has been working closely with medical experts to develop robust health and safety guidelines that will allow competitions to be held safely and securely, reports the official website.

The year will begin with the European and Asian Qualification Tournaments for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. These competitions will see European and Asian athletes secure the final places for the historic Tokyo 2020 Games.

After the difficulties faced in the past year, Tokyo 2020 will be a special moment in which the world is brought together in solidarity and celebration of sport. For World Taekwondo it will be extra special as not only will the world’s best taekwondo athletes thrill a global audience with their talent at the Olympic Games, but the sport’s best Para Taekwondo athletes will do the same for the first time at a Paralympic Games.

When the Olympic and Paralympic Games conclude it will not be the end of fantastic taekwondo competitions.

Wuxi will host the 2021 World Taekwondo Championships and fans will have the World Taekwondo Beach Championships to look forward to.

However, 2021 will also feature many new taekwondo events. World Taekwondo hopes to organize the newly created World Taekwondo Grand Prix Challenge series in Taekwondowon.

World Taekwondo Super Talent Show will also be launched and bring back the Online World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships which attracted more than 1,500 athletes from 98 countries in 2020.

The combination of new and established competitions and in-person and online events will ensure a unique and thrilling World Taekwondo calendar in 2021.

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