25 great knockdowns in GLORY kickboxing (Slow-mo Video)

There’s a good reason GLORY has been recognized by many as the best kickboxing league in this day and age.

The Dutch organization owns some of the most talented kickboxers in the world that put on a show every time they step inside the ropes.

The company made its debut back in 2012 and since then it’s a highlight reel factory for all the hardcore fight fans. And you don’t need any more proof than the latest video that was uploaded on their YouTube channel,

The 4-minute long video is showcasing some of the most memorable knockdowns in the organization’s rich history, including the likes of Badr Hari, Rico Verhoeven, Alex Pereira, Cedric Doumbe, Marat Grigorian and many others.

So enjoy this montage consisting of brutal hooks, jabs, crosses, kicks, and everything else!

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