66th All-Japan Kendo Championship

Hidehisa Nishimura won a thirt title at the All-Japan Kendo Championship. The 29-yrs old from Kumamoto defended his title successfully. He won his first title back in 2015 and he was victorious again with his trade-mark “Kote”.  Nishimura defeated the veteran Qyochi Uchimura with two Ippons and claimed his third title in 12 appearences at these championships. He has also won three silver and two bronze medals. The biggest upset at the tournament was Keyta Miyamoto loss to Ryohei Yamada in the first round.

Many of the talanted youngsters of Japans national team occupied the querterfinals – Yohey Takeshitа, Yosuke Katsumi, Yasuki Maeda, Shyo Ando, Hidehiasa Nishimura and Rentaro Kunitomo.

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