A first ever World Championship for all karate styles has begun (PHOTOS)

History in the making for karate! For the first time in the history of martial arts all karate styles are being included in one World Championship. Host of this unique eevent is Moscow, and the battles will be held today and tomorrow in the track and field hall of CSKA’s Sport complex in the Russian capital.

The historic World Championship is organized by International All Style Karate Federation. They have received a special than you letter from Russia’s sports minister Pavel Kolobkov.

The All Styles karate World Championship gathered over 1600 karatekas from more than 30 countries frol all over the world in one place. On 10 tatamis fighters will face each other in different styles like Ashihara, Shotokan, Kyokushin, Goju Ryu and many others.

The registration of the participants was on Friday, as well as the referee seminar and the meeting of all representatives. The events that went by so far were held under excellent organization and all delegations are in good spirits expecting the bouts in Kata and Kumite.

Talks for hosting the second World Championship for all karate styles are already in progress, Cypress, Italy and Bulgaria being the candidates.

*Special correspondent for BOEC.COM from Moscow and author of the article is Nadya Petrova.

Stay tuned for more details from the championship!

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