A tribute to Ramon Dekkers (VIDEO)

Muay Thai highlight of the legendary muay matt fighter Ramon Dekkers featuring battles with Thai and non-Thai opponents in Thailand and the rest of the world.

Dekkers is a fighter famous for his incredible punching speed and power. He applied relentless pressure and threw barrages of punches – most notably, hooks and uppercuts – in an attempt to KO his opponent. Against the Thais, Dekkers rarely won on points; the Thais would often technically and tactically outsmart him but his punching was so vicious that a knockout blow was only one left hook away.

Some of the fighters featured in this video include Superlek Sorn Esarn, Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj, Cherry Sor Wanich, Nampon Nongkeepayayuth, Dida Diafat, Coban Lookchaomaesaitong, Joe Prestia, Orono Por Muang Ubon and Sakmongkol Sithchuchoke.

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