Abi asks to retire from sumo after breaking coronavirus rules

Former komusubi Abi has handed in a letter of retirement to the Japan Sumo Association.

This is happening after violating guidelines aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 during the July Grand Sumo Tournament.

Abi was pulled out by his Shikoroyama stablemaster midway through the 15-day event in Tokyo after it was revealed he had gone out twice to hostess bars with a lower-ranked wrestler from a different stable.

The JSA has not yet accepted Abi’s letter, but will discuss the incident during a board meeting on Thursday.

It was not the first time Kosuke Horikiri had landed in hot water with the JSA. He was reprimanded for posting an indiscreet video on his Instagram account last November, and again in February when he told reporters he was “asleep” during a workshop.

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