Acapulco will host the the opening event of the 2022 Karate 1-Youth League

Held from January 20 to 23, 2022, the Karate 1-Youth League Acapulco inaugurates the season of international events.

The competition will take place at the Expo Mundo Imperial. The event is open to young karatekas from 12 to 17. Up-and-coming athletes from all over the world are expected to travel to the paradisiac city in Mexico to participate in the anticipated first Karate 1-Youth League event of the season.

After Acapulco, the 2022 Karate 1-Youth League travels to Cyprus in April, Porec (Croatia) in July, and Venice (Italy) in December.

The Karate 1-Youth League is the competition to highlight the impact of Karate at young ages. Mexico host a Karate 1-Youth League event for the third time after welcoming tournaments in Quintana Roo in 2018 and Monterrey in 2019. In 2020 Acapulco was scheduled to host another Karate 1-Youth League event but the tournament had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.


History of Karate

Karate (空手) (/kəˈrɑːti/; Japanese pronunciation: [kaɾate] (About this soundlisten); Okinawan pronunciation: [kaɽati]) is a martial

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