Adam Kownacki decisions Chris Arreola (VIDEO)

Polish heavyweight Adam Kownacki (20-0) defeated Chris Arreola (38-6-1) this past Saturday at Barclays Center in New York, US.

The pair met in the main event of the night and the 30-year-old Kownacki got the W via UD (117-111, 117-111 and 118-110). It was a clash for the history books, as both guys were in attack mode right from the beginning. Kownacki and Arreola were throwing and landing at will, but the key factor was the left broken arm the 38-year-old American suffered during the fight.

The judge’s scorecards suggest that it was not close at all, but in reality, the contest wasn’t one-sided by any means. Kownacki was the one going forward the majority of the fight, but Arreola was counterpunching with great pace and he was the one who landed the harder shots.

After the fight was over, it became clear that both fighters set the record for most punches in heavyweight history – 2172 thrown and 667 landed.

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