AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships set to be postponed

The upcoming AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships which had to take place in December in Turkey will most probably be postponed to 2022.

The event is scheduled for Istanbul, but it might get postponed to March next year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation in Turkey.

In a press briefing last wekk, AIBA President Umar Kremlev and secretary general Istvan Kovacs said they were in consultation with National Federations (NFs), asking them for recommendations on the upcoming Championships, scheduled to take place next month in the Turkish city Istanbul.

Kremlev stressed the most important thing to take into consideration was the welfare of participants.

“We always consult with NFs,” said Kremlev.

“Two days ago we decided to consult with NFs. COVID-19 statistics are worsening in Turkey and one of our goals is to protect athletes.

“We sent letters to all NFs to hear their recommendations because our main goal is to protect our athletes. If NFs recommend that, we might postpone the Championships to March 2022.”

The last Championships was held in Ulan-Ude in Russia in 2019.

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