Derek Chisora wants American referee for Joseph Parker rematch

Derek Chisora and Joseph Parker will be meeting again on December 18 at “Manchester Arena” for their highly anticipated heavyweight rematch.

The initial fight between the New Zealander and the Brit took place earlier this year on May 1 with the former world champion taking the W via SD.

Chisora scored a knockdown in the opening round, but Parker managed to outbox his adversary in the remaining rounds and got the victory. Which, of course, got “WAR” angry.

Now the 37-year-old vet demands for an American referee and good and fair scoring by the ringside judges.

“I know for a fact come 18 December; we are going to war. Joseph Parker doesn’t scare me; he hasn’t got anything that I’m scared of. He hasn’t power punches, I don’t know how they gave him the last fight to be honest with you, I’m just disappointed they gave it to him,” Chisora said.

“I 100% won the first fight, I was the more pressure fighter, I was making the fight happen – all he wanted to do was hold. The whole Kronk style of holding and resting on you, that’s what they do – it’s good for them.”

“Two fights behind closed doors, Usyk and Parker, Manchester again. I’m half excited and half not, I’m happy for the fight but I might be disappointed with what comes with the fight to be honest with you. I’m going to speak to my management team at 258 that we get an American referee and good judges for this fight because so many times I’ve been robbed, in Helsinki, the first one here with Dillian – it gets a bit frustrating,” Chisora said.

“I’m happy the rematch is on, I’m excited and I’ve got David Coldwell now with me. Right now, I’m not buzzing yet, but I want to say this honestly to the press and to you Eddie, I need you to get a good referee, an American referee, not a BBBofC referee because those guys in the past have messed me around. If Robert Smith is listening, I do not want your referee to ref me for this fight.”

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