Aikido moves: Aihanmi katatedori

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Aihanmi katatedori is when the attacker grips your wrist with the same hand, right hand on right wrist or left hand on left wrist. Although this is usually less practiced in aikido than gyakuhanmi, it is the most common relation between combatants in almost all martial arts.

In shihonage, you will need to grip the attacker’s wrist with the hand he or she has grabbed. That’s the reason for the initial spiral movement . It is to apply the “sword grip” to the attacker’s wrist. The spiral move allows you to do this rather comfortably.

In omote you should at the same time do the side step, which is with your back leg in aihanmi. Otherwise, it’s the same as in gyakuhanmi.

Also in ura you need to start with your back leg, which does the irimi entrance to the side step. remember the correct angle of the foot.

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