AJ questions Deontay Wilder’s state of mind after KO loss

Anthony Joshua can clearly relate to the position Deontay Wilder is in after getting stopped by Tyson Fury. After all, Joshua himself was riding high until he was knocked off his high horse by Andy Ruiz. Wilder has been noticeably quiet in his time since the loss, which has Joshua wondering whether Wilder is busy formulating a plan for redemption or simply still trying to come to grips with his fall from grace.

From Sky Sports:

“Either he’s putting together a master plan – he’s in a lab right now, with his science glasses on, studying Fury’s every move. Either he’s doing that, or he’s sitting at the edge of that lake, with his head in his hands and thinking, ‘What’s going on?’ One minute you’re on top of the world, and the next minute you’re not. That’s the name of the game we’re in.”

Joshua continues by saying that he can’t wait for Wilder to break his silence and speak out, giving some sort of explanation for his performance in the second Fury fight, and whether or not he’ll stand on the heavy costume excuse.

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