Aliaksandr Koksha: I was simply hungry for the competition

Belarusian sambist Aliaksandr Koksha became the World sambo champion in the weight category up to 74 kg. He finished the final bout ahead of schedule, winning with a clear advantage.

Koksha gave an interview with the FIAS website, the sambist told about the change of the weight category, the swagger caught and the long-awaited “gold” of the World sambo championships.

– To be honest, I was very eager for this medal, it took me for a very long time. This was probably my seventh World Championships. And only now I managed to win!

Previously, I performed all the time in the weight category up to 68 kg, was twice the third, but I could not reach the final. This time I competed in the weight category up to 74 kg – and success came. I have not yet fully realized this, I have not analyzed my wrestling. Perhaps it was psychologically easier to compete, perhaps, I caught courage, or maybe I was simply hungry for the competition.

Was this year’s preparation for the World Championships different from previous years? Surely the pandemic left its mark on the training process?

– Perhaps, yes. This year I managed to focus on working on my weak points. This became possible due to the time that appeared due to the cancellation of a number of competitions.

How important is luck to an athlete during the competition, or is the class deciding everything? How important is it to feel that there is a “green light” on your street?

– Very important. At least once, but it must be, and the athlete must see and feel it.

For the first time, the World Championships were held without spectators. Has this somehow influenced your mood?

– How come there are no spectators? Our Belarusian team is the best spectators! The guys always root for their own people, worry, help warm up before the fight, do everything to keep the athlete in shape.

Read the full interview HERE.

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