Alice Perin: We are in house lockdown ever since March 8th

Alice Perin is a 25 years old Italian champion in SAMBO. She won the bronze medal at the European SAMBO Championships, only after 2 years practising the martial art.

Like in many other sports – sambists lost  the opportunity to fully train, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Perin gave interview to

– How did you find out about the Covid 19 and what was your first impression?

– I work in the commercial field and I communicate with Chinese producers and factories for import trade. I was aware of the virus because of the closure of Chinese factories gave us some trouble at work, but I never in a million years thaught it could affect so badly my own country. At the beginning I was pretty scared but after I understood that I couldn’t do anything about it, and I felt better.

You live with your boyfriend who is also an athlete, is it easier to have anybody around who understands your workout in quarantine?

– Yes, we are living together for two years now. Before that happened we were in Canada for a while which motivated us to take that step. It’s hard, we are training in our little apartment as much as we can. We are in house lockdown ever since March 8th, but yes, it makes it a lot easier.

– Can you tell us about your beginnings and results in SAMBO?

– I started doing SAMBO in 2017 because of my boyfriend Michael. I knew he was already practicing it and I got curious. I’ve asked him to try and very soon I’ve joined with trainings. It didn’t take too long for me to go on a competition, I think just few months later I did my first competition.

Read the full interview here.

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