Aline Pereira signs with GLORY

Sister of world middleweight champion Alex ‘Po Atan’ Pereira – Aline Pereira, has signed to an exclusive multi-fight, multi year deal with GLORY.

Pereira is trained by her brother and is his only student. She won a national amateur championship in her native Brazil before turning professional, where she has since competed on the country’s top platform for professional kickboxers.
“Power is in my family DNA. All the training I do with my brother is focused on the reality of combat in the ring. He’s the best at his weight, so I’ll be the best at my weight too,” she said today.

“I think GLORY will evolve me, it will take me to the next stage. I’ve been on a great path so far and I’m in a great place right now: I’ve got technique, I’ve got experience, I’ve got confidence and I am ready to leave my heart and soul inside that ring.

CEO of GLORY Kickboxing – Marshall Zelaznik, welcomed the new addition to the roster.

“The Pereira’s are making history by being the first brother-and-sister pair to be signed to GLORY. Aline has set a goal for them to be the first siblings in GLORY history to hold belts at the same time,” he said.

“Now she has the chance to see if she can achieve that dream and we’re excited to witness her journey here in GLORY. She is a great addition to the division.”

News of Aline Pereira’s debut for GLORY will be announced in the near future.

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