Alleged victim in McGregor robbery case spoke out

Once again Conor McGregor got himself in troubles after stealing and smashing the phone of a fan who wanted to take a picture of the Irish star in Miami.

Yesterday the alleged victim talked to “The Daily Mail” and gave his side of the story. Ahmed Abdirzak, a 22-year-old restaurant manager from the UK, was on vacation with friends in Miami. It was there that he allegedly had his phone punched out of his hand by McGregor, who then stomped on it before picking it up and walking away.

The alleged incident occurred at around 5 AM on Monday, as Abdirzak and his friends waited for their rental car at the hotel valet area, where McGregor also was.

‘My friend spotted him on the way out and shouted to him ‘McGregor, McGregor, we’ve come all the way from London’,’ he went on.

’He turned to him and gave him a salute. I said ‘Man dem McGregor’ [a London street expression of friendship and appreciation] and he repeated it word for word, mocking me.

’It seemed good-natured at that point though, he seemed friendly. I wasn’t insulting him or antagonizing him at all.

’I don’t drink, I’ve never touched alcohol in my life. I’ve never done drugs. I was completely sober.’

Ahmed stated McGregor began shouting lyrics from the hit song Thotiana which Blueface had performed inside the club.

All seemed fine at the time, but when Abdirzak claims he took his iPhone 8 out to record the scene from 15 feet away, that’s when things got scary.

‘He reached out his left hand to greet me, to shake my hand. But then he held my arm so I couldn’t get away,’ said Ahmed. His grip was insane. I could tell he was a professional athlete. I thought he’s going to hit me. I was shocked.

’I looked into his face and his eyes were bulging. He was so angry. I don’t know whether he was drunk or on drugs, but he looked f***ked.

’I just remained passive, I didn’t want to fight. Then with his right hand, he punched the phone. It was so hard I felt the impact through my entire body.’

‘He did his swagger dance and headed to his black SUV with his entourage surrounding him. I tried to run after him and asked for it back but he just laughed.’

He’s a dangerous thug, very dangerous. He lives up to his name – notorious. He thinks the normal rules don’t apply to him. I wouldn’t want to see anyone jailed or deported but I believe in justice,’ he added.

’Coming to the US is a privilege. And if you do bad things you should lose that privilege. I don’t see why they should let him in again. He’s had enough chances to behave himself already.’

McGregor was arrested and freed later after posting $12,500 bond, and his arraignment is scheduled for April 10th.

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