Andy Ruiz: I do my talking inside the ring

The new unified world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. (33-1) is clearly a man who prefers to let his actions speak louder. The IBF, WBO and WBA “Super” champ is still taking hits from fans, pundits and colleagues because of the way he looks, but the Mexican-American believe this is irrelevant as long as you stay focused and sharp.

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Soon after his shocking win, Ruiz got hammered by another former unified king of the heavyweight division – Tyson Fury. The 30-years-old Brit stated “El Destroyer” is not part of the conversation about best boxers in the heavyweight category.

Fury even said that the clash between Joshua and Ruiz was like “watching two bums fight each other”.

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Now the new kid on the block had his chance to clap-back at Fury and all his non-lovers, but Ruiz chose to keep calm and to not get involved in a mouth fest with “The Gypsy King”.

“Yeah, Andy Ruiz is a bum, everyone’s a bum. I’m still a fan of the guy”, Ruiz said about Fury’s comments.

“I don’t know if people want me to talk bad about him, but that’s not the type of guy that I am.

“As long as he does what he has to do, I salute Tyson Fury. And Wilder too you know because it takes a lot for us big guys risking our lives inside the ring to take care of our families. I’m not the type of guy to talk outside of the ring. But inside the ring, I’ll be doing all the talking for sure.’

“First I want to focus on the rematch. You know a lot of people, and I’m speaking to Joshua too, because he was overlooking me and saying “After I beat Andy I’m going to fight Wilder” and this and that, instead of being focused on me.

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“I think that’s what I want to do right now, just focus on the rematch. I don’t care who I’m going to fight next after I win, the main thing right now is just to fight Anthony Joshua and beat him.’

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