Andy Ruiz’s trainer slams the champ: He’s not in good shape

Apparently, the unified world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. has not started his training camp this Monday.

The news was broken by Manny Robles, the trainer of the 29-year-old champ. The Mexican-American was supposed to start preparing for his rematch with Anthony Joshua, but for whatever reason, he failed to do so.

“He’s not in great shape, but he’s hitting the gym back home in Imperial. He’s running the treadmill, but obviously we haven’t fully begun training camp,” Robles said to

“Once we do we have four months to get ready for a fight. That’s enough time to get him in shape. Let’s hope we can get him back in the gym real soon and get him going again. We’re working on getting back together this week,” said Robles.

Some time ago, Ruiz gave a promise to slim down a bit for the rematch with the Brit, but the good news is that he has plenty of time to do so in order to be fit come December 7.

As of this moment, there are no updates on the situation with the venue. As you know, the fight was scheduled for Saudi Arabia in December, but Ruiz said that he didn’t sign anything and that his team is still looking for some answers and insurances.

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