Another two losses for Bulgaria at the ‘Strandja’

Minutes after Tinko Banabakov and Peter Draganov conceded losses at the international ‘Strandja Memorial Tournament’, two others of Bulgaria’s top boxers were left stunned.

Blagoy Naydenov (81 kg) was defeated by Liridon Nuha (SWE). The Swedish advanced to the 1/2-finals after an SD win (4-1). That was Naydenov’s second fight – at the 1/8-finals the Bulgarian won over Stepan Hrekul (UKR).

Naydenov didn’t show any aggression and his jab game wasn’t as sharp as usual. Nuha controlled the tempo of the fight with his movement in the last two rounds and deservedly continues his path to the medals.

Plamen Petkov (81 kg) is also out of the competition after a tough loss to Uke Smajli (SUI). The judges scored the fight 3:2 in favor of the Swiss.

The bout was pretty close till the very end – both boxers came to fight and tried to establish themselves, but in the third round Petkov was caught with some good shots and that probably was enough for the people in white shirts to give the victory to Smajli.


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