Anthony Fowler eyes Ted Cheeseman

Anthony Fowler looked back to his destructive best as he dominated the tough and game Adam Harpe.

Fowler dropped him in round four before sneaking the win with a stoppage in the seventh.

“I should have been more composed,” said Fowler. “I got greedy. I know Shane McGuigan can take me all the away. I am improving. I boxed alright. I started off and I felt good in my shape. I was outclassing him early on. I got a bit greedy and thought ‘he’s got nothing to come back with anything hurtful’. He’s not the biggest puncher. He was quite hittable. I got greedy and I was looking for those big shots. I need more rounds under the lights. The likes of Eggington and Cheeseman are great fights for me. I need to improve to beat them lads.”

“I thought the low blows were a bit harsh. They were hitting his waist band. We knew he’d never been stopped. He’d been to Australia, boxed a world ranked middleweight in Michael Zerafa and went the distance with him. Zerafa couldn’t stop him, I did. I knew I would. As soon as I caught him clean I hurt him. I like the kid. He’s got a lot of heart and a lot of balls. A good chin. Big respect to him and I hope he carries on in the sport.”

Fowler will now look towards an explosive Super-Welterweight showdown with Bermondsey’s Ted Cheeseman.

“He was sharp and disciplined but got greedy,” said Fowler’s trainer Shane McGuigan. “Some of these tough guys can take shots all day and are accustomed to the power. I want to push him onto Ted Cheeseman or even European level.”

“Eggington, Fitzgerald, Cheeseman,” said promoter Eddie Hearn. “It’s time for Fowler to leap in with those guys. Sergio Garcia for the European Title?”

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