Anthony Smith brutal X-Ray of broken hand

Anthony Smith (32-14) might have won his last fight against Alexander Gustafsson this past Saturday, but “Lionheart” will be “sidelined” in the next month or so due to the significant injury the American suffered in the second round of the bout.

Smith, 30, was the huge underdog going into the fight, but thanks to his timing and patience he managed to get the home town hero on the ground and put him to sleep in the 4th.

Smith’s win is getting even more praise from MMA fans today. ESPN’s Ariel Helwani posted a photo of the X-Ray that shows the gruesomeness of the injury on his left hand.

Smith will undergo a surgery tomorrow and he’ll have to recover for some time, but that might not be so bad having in mind the fact he’s been one of the busiest guys in UFC lately.

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