Anticipated Karate 1-Youth League Acapulco to open thrilling season

The 2022 Karate 1-Youth League Acapulco will inaugurate the year of international events. The anticipated tournament is scheduled for January 21 to 23.

In two weeks, the 2022 season of international Karate will start with the opening event of the year to take place in the idyllic city of Acapulco (Mexico).

Nearly 400 athletes from 28 countries are thus far registered to participate in the inaugural tournament of the year. The competition is expected to be a celebration of youth Karate and a confirmation of the efficiency of the WKF COVID-19 Protocol as the tournament is set to be held despite the current challenging circumstances.

The competition will begin on January 21st and the nearly 400 athletes will be distributed in 31 categories, ranging from Under 14 years to Junior divisions.

Held at the Expo Mundo Imperial, the opening event of the year travels to one of the main tourist destinations in Mexico. It is the first time that Mexico welcomes a major Karate event after hosting the Karate 1-Youth League in Monterrey in 2019. The same event was supposed to take place in Monterrey in 2020 but it had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After Acapulco, the series of international Karate events for youngsters will travel to Limassol (Cyprus) from April 29 to May 01, Porec (Croatia) from July 1 to 3, and Venice (Italy) from December 9 to 11.


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