GLORY launches new series of events with GLORY Rivals

GLORY, the world’s premier kickboxing organization, announced yesterday the launch of GLORY Rivals, a new series of events launching in 2022. GLORY Rivals is a global initiative to showcase the world’s best kickboxers and strikers in partnership with other leading fighting organizations.

“It’s time for the best fighters in the world to fight, regardless of organization,” says GLORY Executive Vice-Chairman Scott Rudmann. “At GLORY, we’re confident we have the best talent and we’re willing to prove it. We welcome the challenge of any MMA, boxing, or kickboxing organization that believes their fighters can compete against ours. It’s time for a change in the combat landscape and we’re excited to lead the way.”

GLORY Rivals allows the world’s top fight organizations to showcase their best fighters in new markets and create matchups that fans have been calling for. The Series will kick off with Enfusion in Europe and RISE in Japan.

“We’re excited to partner with both organizations and create new events together,” added Rudmann. “Many of GLORY’s top fighters debuted with Enfusion, including Middleweight Champion Donovan Wisse and top contenders Levi Rigters, Mohammed Jaraya, and Luis Tavares. RISE is the leading kickboxing organization in Japan and features some of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, including Tenshin.”


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