Artem Lobov to Boec.COM: If the money makes sense, I’ll fight anyone (VIDEO)

Russia’s Artem Lobov really needs no introduction. The former UFC fighter is one of the most talked-about MMA fighters.

Lobov, 34, gave an exclusive interview to Boec.BG and Boec.COM. The “SBG Ireland” fighter sat down with Bulgaria’s MMA manager Nikola Atanasov who conducted the interview in Lobov’s house in Dublin.

Nikola Atanasov has its own YouTube channel – “Crazy about BJJ/MMA“, with Lobov being his second guest after UFC’s light heavyweight Johnny Walker.

Here you can watch the whole 17-minutes video with Artem who talks about his upcoming bare knuckles fight in December, John Kavanagh and Conor, his plans for the future and when and if we’ll ever see him again under the bright lights.

Most of the questions were sent by Boec.BG readers who sent them out on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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