Artem Pashporin outclasses Vladislav Vlasenko in higher category

SENSHI superstar Artem Pashporin from Nizhny Novgorod defeated Vladislav Vlasenko from Ryazan in the main fight of the tournament Triple Strike competition.

The bout was in weight category up to 71 kg and went the whole distance.

After five intense rounds, the judges unanimously gave the victory to Pashporin. 

He defended the belt of the GPRO middleweight world champion. His main category is 67 kg, but he has no fear to claim the gold in higher division.

The tournament “Match TV” takes place in Moscow in Crocus City and combines three disciplines: fisticuffs, kickboxing and MMA.

Pashporin’s next fight would be at SENSHI 11 in Varna, Bulgaria, next month.

The international fight nights will announce his opponent from Italy soon.

Artem is in a streak of 4 wins in a row in the ring of SENSHI. He is incredibly experienced in muay thai and he is an European WMC and S1 and W5 champion.

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