Khabib Nurmagomedov: Dana White is the best in the game

Khabib Nurmagomedov learned that fight promotion isn’t so easy after the first Eagle FC fight night at U.S. soil.

Nurmagomedov, a former UFC lightweight champion, has transitioned into a different side of the fight game since his retirement from competition in late 2020. He’s a co-owner in the Russian-based organization, which is now trying to expand into different regions.

“Today when I wake up I was nervous like I’m going to fight tonight,” Nurmagomedov told reporters post-fight at Eagle FC 44. “I have same feeling today when I wake up. I realized I’m not going to fight, I have a fighting show. It was a very nervous day, but right now I’m happy.”

Nurmagomedov made some bold statements prior to Eagle FC 44 about how the organization is looking to make a footprint in the MMA sphere and treat athletes as best as possible. That remains the goal, but Nurmagomedov admits it’s easier said than done.

“Nothing (about promoting is) easy, honestly,” Nurmagomedov said. “He’s right, Dana White. I’m going to have meeting next month in Vegas with him. I’m going to talk with him a lot about all this kind of stuff. I’m just beginning. How many years he have experience? He’s the best in the game and it’s a big honor for me to learn from him.”

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