Artur Beterbiev: I did half my potential.

Artur Beterbiev won the IBF light heavyweight title after 10th round stoppage win over Oleksandr Gvozdyk.

The bout was intense and both man revealed a lot of skill.

After the fight Beterbiev had something to say:

“I’m not surprised about him. I’m surprised about me because I’m not good like I want to be. I tried to do instruction like my coach told me, but I can’t do like all instructions. And I tried to box, and I didn’t try for the knockout. I did half my potential. I believe that. Yes, I saw that. You’re getting tired? I’m not getting tired,” said Beterbiev when asked if he could tell that Gvozdyk was tiring late in the fight. “One knockdown, two knockdowns and three knockdowns.”

“The rules are different with the IBF and WBC. I don’t have time to learn the rules. I just continue, continue and continue. When need, referee stops it. The fight, I’m not happy with me,” said Beterbiev when told that 2 of the judges had Gvozdyk winning going into round 10. “I’m not surprised what Gvozdyk did. I’m surprised at what I didn’t do.”

“No, I’m not care [that two judges had Gvozdyk ahead]. I’m not care about judges. Long term, I try to continue. A unification or a mandatory, it doesn’t matter. I just continue, because I had a long period of a year where I didn’t fight. It’s good for me to stay active,” said Beterbiev.

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