Artur Szpilka looks shredded for his cruiserweight debut (VIDEO)

Former world heavyweight title challenger Artur Szpilka (23-4) has gotten shredded prior to his cruiserweight debut.

“Szpila The Pin” has dropped 10 kilograms, as his last fight as a heavyweight was held in October. Szpilka made a quick work of his adversary Fabio Tuiach, KOing him in the opening round.

Szpilka was never out of shape during his 11 years career as a heavyweight. Now the Pole is going even further after showing off his incredible physique on social media. The southpaw also revealed how many inches he burned from his waist when displaying a video clip of his trousers.

Szpilka was just three rounds away from becoming a world champion back in 2016 when he fought Deontay Wilder. The European was ahead on the judges’ cards but got brutally KO’d in the 9th round.

There is still no information about the date, the opponent and the venue for his next bout.

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