Askren ready for a cross-federation grappling bout

Ben Askren and Dillon Danis may be competing in different promotions, but a chance for them to meet in a grappling bout has emerged.

Speaking on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show on Monday, Askren, who fights under UFC’s banner, said that he’d happily grapple Danis in the future. “At this point it’s my MMA career. When I am done with that if I chose to take part in a grappling contest it would be Dillion Danis. Obviously, he challenged me to a grappling match. After my MMA career that’s something, I would definitely do”, Askren said.

Danis seems to like that idea and took on social media to comment on the possibility. “Biggest grappling match in the history of the sport Dillon Danis vs [Ben Askren] let’s f**king do it!”, Dillon Danis on Twitter.

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