Australian sambo expands with new regional center

National SAMBO expands its geography with a new center in the state of Victoria.

The idea is to attract new athletes, and for the small town of St Arnaud, it means an opportunity to express itself and become an arena for competitions at least at the national level.

As emphasized by the Australian SAMBO Federation, geographically St Arnaud is ideally located: it is located in the central part of the state of Victoria, halfway between the border and Melbourne. It is a small town of a few thousand people, but the local sports club aims to become widely known as the state’s SAMBO training center.

The first powerful SAMBO training at the club was held by Savely Timofeev, the President of the SAMBO Federation of Australia Limited, together with his son Nikita. For two days on January 16-17, adult martial arts athletes and a select group of high school students learned the techniques and nuances of unarmed self-defense, reports FIAS.


Following the results of the classes, the representatives of the club stated that all the participants liked the lessons, and they gave only positive feedback about the seminar. Separately, athletes and coaches drew attention to the applied nature of SAMBO, which helps to act correctly in real situations, and the Olympic prospects for the sport.

The joint plans of the National SAMBO Federation and the sports club from St Arnaud are to hold large SAMBO training camps with the participation of athletes from all over Victoria and neighboring states of Australia. And the club’s schedule has already undergone a number of changes related to the inclusion of Sports and Combat SAMBO training in the training program.

“We offer more SAMBO training for our students and their development in this dynamic sport. As SAMBO strives to get into the program of the Olympic Games, we will not only develop confidence, respect and self-defense skills in our children, but also strive to participate in the Olympic Games,” the representatives of the club said.

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