Badr Ferdaous edges Sasa Dragic at the second edition of SENSHI

Badr Ferdaous, representing the legendary K-1 fighter Peter Aerts, overwhelmed Sas Dragic from Serbia in a K-1 fight in the light-heavyweight division. This was the only win for the four fighters representing the “Dutch Lumberjack” at the second edition of SENSHI.

The 21-years old Ferdaous didn`t have a good start and was knocked down by the 9-years older Dragic. The second round was way better for the dutch fighter, as he was getting into closer distance more often and the quality of his combinations rised up rapidly. The end of round 2 saved Dragic from being knocked down with vicious hooks by Badr Ferdaous.

The third and final round was the best one for Ferdaous, who managed to control the pace and the distance of the fight and land moresignificant shots than his opponent. The talanted kickboxer won his fight with a unanimous decision.

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