Barry Hearn: We haven’t received any response from Wilder’s team

The founder of Matchroom Sport, Barry Hearn, has told Love Sport Radio that they have extended offer after offer to Deontay Wilder for a fight with Anthony Joshua, but that he just doesn’t appear to be that into the idea.

“Unfortunately [I have] to report that so far despite three, four emails, dozens of phone calls, we haven’t had one response from Deontay Wilder’s team.

“So sooner or later you take the hint that maybe they don’t want us that bad. But then they’re also, I guess, planning a Tyson Fury rematch.”

Wilder has mentioned several times that he would like an immediate rematch with “Gypsy King”. On the other side, Ben Davison claims that Joshua’s offers are not to other boxers like due to the fact that AJ is looking at the sport too much as a business. Fury’s coach opinion is that the british heavyweight champ should stop valuing each boxer individually, but agree on 50-5o split, if he wants to fight  with top names.


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