Bartosz Botwina: I was shocked by the way I was received in Bulgaria


Bartosz Botwina ended up on the loosing side of the fight against Dragomir Petrov at SENSHI 22 but that didn’t affect the way he was received in Bulgaria on that evening.

I was a tough fight against a good opponent. I respect Drago because I know how hard it is to prepare for such a fight. I am a little disappointed by my performance tonight. I was a little tired but SENSHI was e very big opportunity for me. I want to thank the organization for inviting me. I am shocked by the way i was received in Bulgaria. It was marvelous here in Varna and we made a very good fight“, said the Bartosz for Boec.

Botwina wants to come back at SENSHI and show us his better side when fatigue is not an issue for him.

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