Dragomir Petrov: You can expect huge news from me in two weeks


Dragomir Petrov came back with a UD victory at SENSHI 22 against Bartosz Botwina. After the fight he noted that in the next few weeks we can expect huge news from him.

In two weeks something big will happen for my career. This was e very good check so that I can see that I write my name on the wall of the world kickboxing ring“, said Drago for Boec.

He shared his gratitude for his team with the likes of Pavel Jivkov, Nikolay Neshev, Toncho Tonchev and Krasi Kostov. With their help he had build a strategy to win against Botwina. He also pointed out that the Polack was a better fighter that the one he lost against in the Spring – Marian Lapusneanu.

Petrov had the very best sparing partners by his side like Koprivlenski, Bozhilov and Shumarov. They pushed him to his best possible condition.

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