Behind the Scenes of SENSHI 4 with Peter Aerts (VIDEO)

The legendary kickboxer Peter Aerts published a video diary of his last visit to Bulgaria. He showed exclusive footage to his fans, including SENSHI 4 matches, training sessions and many more.

The fourth edition of the fastest growing martial arts organization took place at the Palace of Culture and Sport in Varna, Bulgaria.

Aerts was a special guest on the show. Four of his best fighters competed and he didn’t hide his smile at the end of the evening. His top guys Yuta Uchida and Badr Ferdaous managed to win with class.

Peter Aerts celebrated his birthday in Varna.

Last but not least – the three-time K-1 Series Champion dedicated his 49th anniversary to his favorite kickboxing. Without giving himself any rest, he had two long and exhausting training sessions with nearly 150 Bulgarian fighters in Varna.

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