Bellator Milan weigh in results (VIDEO)

Chiara Penco and Aleksandra Toncheva Plamenova are in top form for their Bellator clash this weekend. This is the debut of Bulgarian women at the highest MMA scene.

The place is Allianz Cloud in Milan (Italy).

The early weigh-ins will take place behind closed doors because of the pandemic and the official results from the early morning weigh-in session will be posted below:

Bellator Milan Weigh-In Results:

Fabian Edwards () ^1 vs. Costello van Steenis (185)

Mike Shipman (184.8) vs. Pietro Penini (185.4)

Will Fleury (185) vs. Kent Kauppinen (186)

Nicolo Solli (155.6) vs. George Hardwick (155)

Ion Pascu (171) vs. Stefano Paterno (170.4)

Akonne Wanliss (155.4) vs. Alfie Davis (155.2)

Daniele Scatizzi (155) vs. Gavin Hughes (154)

Aidan Lee (145.6) vs. Jeremy Petley (144.8)

Frans Mlambo (134) vs. Cory Tait (135.2)

Luke Trainer (205) vs. Alex O’Toole (204)

Richie Smullen (145.2) vs. Harry Hardwick (145)

Chiara Penco (115.8) vs. Aleksandra Toncheva Plamenova (114.6)

Danni Neilan (115.4) vs. Claire Lopez (115.8)

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