Ben Askren: Boxing match against Jake Paul probably the ‘biggest payday’ of my career

Ben Askren hasn’t revealed exactly how much he’s getting paid to box Jake Paul, but it’s probably going to be the biggest payday of his career — meaning he’ll make more money fighting a YouTube celebrity than he ever did in the UFC.

Askren revealed Paul’s team made him a ‘nice offer’, but he didn’t specify how much. ‘Funky’ made $500,000 in his UFC debut against Robbie Lawler, so it’s probably safe to say the Paul payout is closer to $1 million USD.

“The first time (I was asked about the fight) they didn’t offer me money. It was just ‘Hey would you be interested?’ and I said yeah, I’ll think about it,” Askren told Brendan Schaub in a recent episode of Food Truck Diaries (h/t Derek Hall of Middle Easy).

“They made me a nice offer, and it was something I wanted to do anyway, so I said sure… It’s probably going to be the biggest payday of my career.”

As for the matchup itself, Askren predicts a seventh-round TKO stoppage against the much younger, hungrier, albeit more inexperienced Paul.

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