Ben Davison to attend Wilder – Ortiz 2

Tyson Fury’s coach Ben Davison will be ringside to scout the heavyweight championship fight between WBC titleholder Deontay Wilder (41-0-1) and Luis Ortiz (31-1).

The bout is scheduled for this Saturday night at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Davison said that Wilder is a different person since he fought “The Gypsy King” back in December.

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According to the young technician specialist, Wilder has proved that he will have doubts going into a potential rematch with the former world heavyweight king.

“If you watch Wilder and Ortiz’s press conference, compared to his one with Tyson it’s a different person.

“I think he looks cooler, calmer and more collected today. Today has shown that Tyson really did get under his skin. It shows he had doubts going into that fight, and he will have doubts going into a potential rematch.”

Fury had won two comeback fights after a near-three year hiatus before jumping in to challenge Wilder, in just his third outing with Davison by his side. A rematch, Davison insists, would favor the challenger.

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“Tyson has a fantastic skill-set and we had a fantastic game-plan,” Davison said about the first fight with Wilder. “There were questions: how will Tyson deal with doing the rounds, at that level, after losing the weight? It was his first real test since the weight loss so we had to add that into the game-plan. [Next] time, it won’t be an issue.

“It’s no secret what threat Wilder poses but our job is to exploit his weaknesses and take away his strengths.

“The reality is, although on paper it says a draw, 99 percent of the boxing world agrees that Tyson won that fight. In Tyson’s heart, he knows that he won. But he wants to cement it.”

Image: БТА


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