Ben Henderson dubs BJ Penn as the lightweight GOAT

Former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson has named BJ Penn as the greatest lightweight fighter of all time.

Penn, a former two-division UFC champion, is best known for his 27-month reign atop the UFC’s lightweight division. ‘The Prodigy’ captured the strap with a submission win over Joe Stevenson in 2008 and went on to defend the 155lbs title on three occasions, scoring finishes of Sean Sherk, Kenny Florian and Diego Sanchez.

BJ Penn eventually would drop the lightweight title to Frankie Edgar at UFC 112 by way of decision. ‘The Answer’ would go on to hold the belt for three fights, going 2-0-1, before ultimately being dethroned by Benson Henderson.

For ‘Bendo’, who like Penn defended the UFC lightweight title on three occasions, there is no debate when it comes to the GOAT at 155lbs.

“That’s easy, hands down BJ. Not even close. You don’t even gotta say his full name, just one word. BJ, and you know who it is.” Henderson told TMZ“The greatest lightweight all-time, without a doubt, hands down BJ Penn.”

However, for Benson Henderson comparisons between Khabib and Penn’s overall records are not necessarily warranted.

“Out of those 29 and 0 (that) Khabib fought, go look up the records of the 29 people he beat and then go look at the records of guys BJ beat. Go look at the records the guys BJ lost to. Go look at where they fought.”

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