ADCC Brazil trials results, Mica and Roosevelt submit everyone

FEBRUARY 02, 2022, BALNEÁRIO DE CAMBORIÚ, SANTA CATARINA, BRAZIL was the home for the most talked-about tournament of the year, thus far, the first run of the ADCC Brazil Trials, a submission-grappling competition designed to bring out the best Brazilian athlete to challenge for the promotion’s world title in September.

The ADCC is widely regarded as the Olympics of no-gi jiu-jitsu (also known as submission-grappling or submission-wrestling), and considering Brazil is one of the biggest talent pools in the sport, it was only natural that these tournament’s trials were met with great enthusiasm. It is worth noting that this was the first run at the South American trials in Brazil, with those who did not conquer their spot in the tournament still holding one last chance to do so next weekend, at the São Paulo Trials (also in Brazil). Although a test to the athletes’ will and body, for the fans the proximity of these two events means back-to-back action between the sport’s very best.

As expected, the event was an outright success. Overall, in the male division, there were 84 submissions accounted for in 168 matches, which is exactly a 50% submission rate. A very high number for such a high-level tournament. Below you will find the trials champions and tournament results:

– 66KG: Diogo Reis (Fight Sports) – 4 wins, 2 submissions
– 77KG: Micael Galvao (Fight Sports) – 6 wins, 5 submissions (1 dq)
– 88KG: Isaque Bahiense (Dream Art) – 5 wins, 2 subs
– 99KG: João Costa (Fight Sports) – 5 wins, 1 sub
– 99+KG: Roosevelt Sousa (Fight Sports) – 4 wins, 4 subs
– 60KG: Jinana Sais (J2 Martial Arts) – 2 wins, 0 subs
– 60+KG: Rebecca Albuquerque (Fight Club) – 2 wins, 2 subs


We had alluded to Diogo Reis being one of the favorites here in our preview piece (here) and the teenager did not disappoint. Although a gi specialist and a former roosterweight, Reis managed to pull it off against the elite of the featherweight division, a masterclass of competitiveness by the 19-yo Melqui Galvão black belt. One by one, Reis eliminated the favorites of the tournament, including Diego “Pato” and Fabricio Andrey.

Quarter Finals:
– Diego Oliveira DEF. Lucas Martins via Inside heel hook
– Cleber Sousa DEF. Wellison Sousa via Armbar
– Diogo Reis DEF. Rodrigo Francioni via Decision (0x0)
– Fabricio Andrey DEF. Leandro Lima via Darce choke

– Diego Oliveira DEF. Cleber Sousa via Lateral kneebar
– Diogo Reis DEF. Fabricio Andrey via Inside heel hook

– Diogo Reis DEF. Diego “Pato” Oliveira via Decision (0x0)

3rd Place:
– Fabricio Andrey DEF. Cleber Sousa via RNC


Another teenager and another gold medal for professor Melqui Galvão. In the 77-kilogram division, it was his son, Micael who took gold in a spectacular performance of physical, mental, and technical prowess. It was incredible watching this young man work at an incredible offensive pace.

Very impressive was also Magid Hage. The veteran grappler went through to the finals submitting everyone in sight. 5 wins and 5 submissions before facing Galvão.

– Mica Galvao DEF. Luiz Paulo via DQ (no-show)
– Lucas Protasio DEF. JZ Cavalcante via Decision (0x0)
– Magid Hage DEF. Carlos Henrique via RNC
– Servio Tulio DEF. Gabriel Victor via Penalty (0x0)

– Mica Galvao DEF. Lucas Protasio via Yoko sankaku
– Magid Hage DEF. Servio Tulio via Outside heel hook

– Mica Galvao DEF. Magid Hage via Triangle

3rd Place
– Lucas Protasio won via now show by Servio Tulio (injury)


The medium-heavyweight division had two very clear front-runners in former open-weight ADCC World champion Claudio Calasans and Dream Art team leader, Isaque Bahiense. Both are very tactical grapplers who know how to play the clock and the ruleset better than anyone in the game, and that they did. In the end, it was Bahiense who came out the victor and you can expect him to be a real force in the division come September.

– Claudio Calasans DEF. Delson Heleno via Penalty (0x0)
– Andre Porfirio DEF. Alejandro Tolmos via Decision (0x0)
– Valdir Araujo DEF. Manuel Porto Jr. via 3×0
– Isaque Bahiense DEF. Leonardo Goncalves via Katagatame

– Claudio Calasans DEF. Andre Porfirio via Decision (0x0)
– Isaque Bahiense DEF. Valdir Araujo via Decision (0x0)

– Isaque Bahiense DEF. Claudio Calasans via Penalty (0x0)

3rd Place:
– Andre Porfirio def. Valdir Araujo via 2×0


This was a very fun division to follow, with a fair share of new blood mixed in with the old. Showman Henrique Cardoso (AKA “Ceconi”) was his usual self with plenty of aggression, fast-paced takedowns, and scrambles. Ceconi’s top-heavy game ended up stifled by Fight Sport’s João Costa. The part-time grappler who trains in Miami, Florida came in very strong and took the division by storm with a precise performance.

– Salomao Ribeiro DEF. Anderson Almeida via 2×0
– Joao Costa DEF. Luccas Lira via Decision (0x0)
– Thiago Sá DEF. Diogo Nascimento via Penalty (0x0)
– Henrique Cardoso DEF. Pedro Agrizzi via Decision (0x0)

– Joao Costa DEF. Salomao Ribeiro via 2×0
– Henrique Cardoso DEF. Thiago Sá via 3×0

– Joao Costa DEF. Henrique Cardoso via Decision (0x0)

3rd Place:
– Thiago Sá won via now show by Salomao Ribeiro


The US closed its borders to Roosevelt Sousa last year, preventing the talented black belt from making his name known overseas, but the young Brazilian may very well have found redemption today. A flawless performance for Sousa who submitted ALL of his opponents, and like a Bat Out Of Hell (RIP Meat Loaf) submitted them fast, and will probably be well recognized by the US fans when he visits next September.

– Leonardo Andrade DEF. Wallace Costa via Decision (0x0)
– Pedro Alex DEF. Antonio Assef via Decision (0x0)
– Victor Doria DEF. Andre Rodolfo via Violin armlock
– Roosevelt Sousa DEF. William Classen via Inside heel hook

– Roosevelt Sousa DEF. Victor Doria via Inside heel hook
– Pedro Alex DEF. Leonardo Andrade via 4×0

– Roosevelt Sousa DEF. Pedro Alex via Calf slicer

3rd Place:
– Victor Doria DEF. Leonardo Andrade via decision (0x0)


The only purple belt on the winners’ list of the Brazilian Trials, Jinana shocked a few with her performance today. Sais benefited from a small division and had only two matches to obtain her gold medal, nevertheless, two very solid wins for the rookie.

– Sayuri Pereira DEF. Luana Gurther via Decision (0x0)
– Jinana Sais Advanced via WO
– Natalia Battilana DEF. Camila Guerra via Kimura
– Daiana Torquato DEF. Veronica Grenno via 2×0

– Jinana Sais DEF. Sayuri Pereira via Decision (0x0)
– Daiana Torquato DEF. Natalia Battilana via 7×0

– Jinana Sais DEF. Daiana Torquato via 8×0


Round Robin:
– Rebecca Albuquerque DEF. Flavia Mazoni via Submission
– Larissa Stein DEF. Flavia Mazoni via Submission
– Rebecca Albuquerque DEF. Larissa Stein via Submission

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