Bernard Hopkins: I prefer to have Pacquiao’s legacy over Mayweather

Even though one is retired and the other one is near the end of his career, boxing fans will always have this one debate – Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather.

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Both unbelievable fighters in his own rights, together they are combined for 112 wins. And even though ‘Money’ hasn’t lost a single pro fight in his career (unlike ‘Pac-Man’) there are a lot of people that think the Philipino star had a better career. Plus, his one is still not over.

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Another great from the past – Bernard Hopkins, shared his two cents on the topic.

“I’d rather have Manny Pacquiao’s legacy than Floyd Mayweather’s,” Hopkins told The Ring. “Manny fought everybody and Floyd fought guys on his watch.”

Hopkins (55-8-2, 32 knockouts), a former undisputed middleweight champ and two-time Ring light heavyweight champ, as well as boxing’s oldest champion ever, wouldn’t go as far as to say that Mayweather ducked any opponents.

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“That’s debatable,” he said. “But also, I don’t think Floyd gave two you-know-whats about how people feel whether he fought the best guys or not. It was strictly business for Floyd.”

“Manny fought who his promoter wanted him to fight,” he added. “And Floyd fought the guys that were financially lucrative. Mayweather is still a Hall of Famer,” Hopkins continued. To me, it makes him great and smart at the business.

“When boxing is over, we have to start looking at our bank accounts and our children. A lot of boxers had big fights throughout their career but didn’t get compensated the best way they could and should have. But they have Hall of Fame recognition.”


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